How do I get started?
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What hours will my VA work?

That all depends on you. You can have them work during the day or night. You will get a full time VA that will work for you 8 hours a day 5 days a week, you choose the hours.

How soon can I have my VA start?
That all depends on you. We can have a highly qualified VA available for you to start tomorrow. We just recommend that you are prepared to bring on someone and have tasks ready to assign to them.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes we guarantee you will be happy with your VA that you choose. These applicants are preselected and screened as the cream of the crop, so that you do not have to go through the hassle of recruiting and interviewing unqualified people. We will always match up potential VA’s based on your requirements and if you want to interview more…no problem.
Where are your personnel located?
Our personnel are located in the Philippines. There are many factors that make the Philippines the perfect location for establishing outsourcing operations. For example, the Philippines is renowned for its high-quality English-speaking workforce. Due to the current economic situation, staff in the Philippines can also be employed for a fraction of the cost of a similarly skilled worker in the US. This allows us to pay our personnel good wages, while still maintaining the quality of the people we hire. Those benefits are passed on to you through our low-priced service.
Will my clients know that I have outsourced my services?
We make every effort to ensure that the transfer of your services to us is completely transparent. We give no indication that our services are coming from anywhere but your own in-house team. After all, we are your very own support team!
How do I know that my business and customer details will be safe?
Customer confidentiality is our business. As part of the sign-up process we enter into a legally binding agreement with you which includes relevant non-disclosure clauses. We take all security and privacy issues extremely seriously and stringently insist on the utmost professionalism from our staff at all times. Within our company, information about you and your service is only provided to staff on a need-to-know basis. In addition to this, the questionnaires you complete allows you to outline any issues you consider to be confidential.
What is the time-frame involved for start-up?
Once you have supplied us with your details upon sign up, we will call you within 24 hours to confirm your details and get any further requirements for your VA. This is to ensure the smoothest possible transition of your support services. It you have complex requirements we may require a longer “lead time” to ensure your chosen staff member is fully trained to handle all your needs. We will then have 3 VA’s for you to choose from within 24 hours of that call and you choose when you want them to start.
Will the assigned Virtual Assistant work exclusively for me?
The Virtual Assistant you choose will work solely for you 40 hours a week doing whatever tasks you choose. We ensure the highest quality of service to you and your customers.
Do you offer a free trial?
We do not offer free trials however we do provide a 7-day money-back guarantee under which, if you are not satisfied with our service for any reason then all you need to do is cancel within 7 days of placing your order and we will refund any unused portion of your fees in full. Also keep in mind though that we will replace any VA until you are satisfied.
If I hire a virtual assistant, will you supervise that VA and manage the project they are working on?
We provide basic supervision only when you select the virtual assistant package. That is, we ensure that your virtual assistant(s) attend work and work efficiently while at work. We do not however provide project management service on the virtual assistant package. Essentially, your VA would work directly to you in the same way they would if you were directly employing them. The only difference is that they are carrying out the work in our office rather than yours.

If you are looking for us to manage projects for you, please select one of our project manager packages. We have very experienced project managers who will oversee a team of virtual assistants and manager them until your projects are completed, assuring you timely delivery of your projects at the highest standards.

Will my VA be trained to do the work I want done?
Any VA we bring you will have had experience in the roles you need them for, we always match client criteria with our team. As when you hire someone virtually or in person there is some sort of learning curve when you begin to work with them. We will help you cut down that learning curve as much as possible and get on the same page to make this process as seamless as possible.
What happens if I don’t like the final candidates that you select for me?
This doesn’t happen very often. However, should you not select your VA from the first batch of highly qualified candidates that we provide you, we will present you with another three candidates to interview, free of charge, and will always do this to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service at any time.
What if it is not working out?
We would want to know right away, as we always have a client coordinator for you to work with so we can fix the issue immediately. Sometimes the learning curve is shorter and sometimes it is longer depending on what the client whats their assistant to do. If after letting us know the issue and you don’t feel we have fixed it, we will always happily select another three candidates for you to interview within 24 hours, so you can choose assistant to work with – completely free of charge. But we do encourage you to work through certain things with your VA so they are trained for your future relationship.
Will I be able to manage and work with a remote team like I could work with my local staff?
Typically, we would often hire someone new and leave it up to them to get the job done. As employers, all we care about are the results. Often, this approach doesn’t work as well when starting out with a VA because having staff work remotely from you can create disassociation in their first few weeks. They are still learning your business and discovering how your business operates. VA team members are very good at following directions. It is important when working with a virtual assistant to provide instructions clearly. This will enable your VA to get the job done accurately. We recommend you use verbal, written and remote screen share to show and demonstrate the job and work requirements you want done. It’s important to make your remote staff feel as if they are part of your local team. If possible having them part of meetings using technology will increase their sense of being part of your team. We find commitment, morale and quality of work is higher when this occurs. Thanks to technology, working with a VA is like having them just down the hall in your office. With screen share technology, you can show your VA what you have on your computer screen, making it easy to communicate when showing or explaining tasks. With VoIP, you can have an international phone number to call your VA at a local call cost. With virtual tools such as Google docs, sharing documents and keeping in touch with workflows and TO DO list is easy. Instant messenger services with Skype helps keep communication constant and live. In addition, you will be able to see your VA’s computer screen real time, making it easy to see the flow of work as it happens.
Will they be effective, efficient and functional for my business?
Yes, they can be just like a local staff member if you are prepared to train and work with your VA in the initial stages of work relationship and the results will speak for themselves in no time. Please note, using a VA to work remotely for you will never be a perfect, risk free, secure unconditional satisfaction guaranteed type of experience. It just isn’t. However, once you have the remote staff working the way you want them to you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much extra leverage you and your team can get with the use of one of our VA’s working for your business remotely.

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Our company makes utilizing the skills of highly trained workers affordable and easy to manage. Our virtual assistants are based in the Philippines, which ensures your virtual assistant has excellent English skills and accent, and an affinity for American culture.

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